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Bios - Lana Lang

Voiced By: Kelly Schmidt (Teenage Lana Lang); Joely Fisher (Adult Lana Lang)
First Appearance: "Last Son of Krypton" (Teenage Lana Lang); "My Girl" (Adult Lana Lang)
Position: Friend to Clark Kent/Superman

Bio: A free-spirited young woman from Smallville, Lana Lang was young Clark Kent's first love. They were boyfriend and girlfriend through high school, but when Clark's super powers emerged, he embarked on a self-imposed world pilgrimage to learn more about the human race. He left behind a very hurt Lana who already knew that her Clark was vastly different from all the other boys on the planet. In fact, when the first reports of Superman started coming in, Lana knew immediately that Clark and the Man of Steel were one in the same.

These days Lana is a world-renowned fashion designer who leads a jet-setting lifestyle. She has an apartment in Metropolis, but also maintains homes in Gotham, London and Rome. She seems to be the woman who has it all, but deep down she still misses Clark and the special times they shared before he became Superman. And yet Lana knows the world needs Superman, and has promised to keep his secret. Her playful and flashy exterior masks her unrequited love for Clark.

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