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Bios - The Legion of Superheroes

Voiced By: Melissa Joan Hart (Irma Ardeen/Saturn Girl); Chad Lowe (Rokk Krinn/Cosmic Boy); Jason Priestley (Reep Daggle/Chameleon Boy)
First Appearance: "New Kids In Town"
Position: Members of the Legion of Superheroes

Bio: "The Legion Of Superheroes" is a 30th Century group of young heroes from different planets. In "New Kids in Town," three of them time travel to Smallville, arriving in the days before Clark Kent became Superman.

COSMIC BOY is the stalwart Rokk Krinn, the sixteen year old leader of the group. He has magnetic powers which enable him to fire bolts of magnetism that can affect any metal object.

SATURN GIRL is Imra Ardeen. Also sixteen, Saturn Girl has highly developed mental powers. Not only can she read minds, she can also erase memories and put in new images.

CHAMELEON BOY is wisecracking Reep Daggle, who can turn his body into anyone or anything.

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