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Bios - Queen Maxima

Voiced By: Sharon Lawrence
First Appearance: "Warrior Queen"
Position: Queen of Almerac

Bio: Whoever said "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" obviously has seen Maxima in action against Superman. The empress of the distant planet Almerac, Maxima came to Earth determined to take Superman as her mate. She explained that her ancestors have always improved the strength of their own race through interbreeding with the mightiest warriors from other worlds. Superman told the strong-willed empress he wasn't interested, and the ensuing battle nearly leveled Metropolis. Superman eventually won, but Maxima has never been one to take no for an answer.

In fact, Superman's rejection has made him all the greater a prize for her to win. Maxima possesses immense psionic powers which gives her super-strength and the power of flight. Her advanced mental powers also allow her to communicate telepathically with other beings, hypnotize them to do her bidding, and completely rearrange the molecules of living or inanimate objects. In addition, she can create mental duplicates of herself, each of which possesses her incredible array of powers.

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