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Bios - Orion

Voiced By: Steve Sandor
First Appearance: "Apokolips...Now!"
Position: New God

Bio: Orion was born the son of Tigra and Darkseid on Apokolips. Later, Darkseid formed the Pact with Highfather of New Genesis, by which Orion was sent to be raised as Highfather's adopted son amongst the gods of Supertown, while Highfather's son was sent to be raised in the orphanages of Granny Goodness.

Orion wields the Astro Force, a diluted version of his father's Omega Force, by which he is able to produce a variety of effects. Usually, however, Orion channels this energy through his Astro-Glider, which he uses in combat both to fly and to generate focus energy blasts. He also possesses a Mother Box which he is able to utilize to summon boom tubes and to sooth his savage rage.

Check out more in Justice League Unlimited.

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