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Bios - Perry White

Voiced By: George Dzundza
First Appearance: "The Last Son of Krypton"
Position: Editor of The Daily Planet

Bio: Though he now sits behind the Daily Planet's editor's desk, Perry White was one of the Planet's all-time great reporters. Now, as managing editor, Perry is the heart and soul of the publication, which serves as the city's eyes, ears, voice and conscience.

Like a number of media moguls, Perry is opinionated, explosive, and a bit nuts. His outbursts of temper are legendary, but they get the needed results. Perry's a no-nonsense, hard-hitting individual who not only scoops the competition, but does it in a way that earns the respect of everyone - except the criminal element.
Perry has made a career out of bringing down the biggest crooks in Metropolis, but he's no muckraker. Perry insists on having the hard, cold facts before he prints a story, a trait he demands of all his reporters, too. In his heart Perry knows Lex Luthor is the mastermind responsible for thousands of crimes around town, but so far the Planet's been unable to come up with hard evidence. Lex has always kept his fingers clean of any overt wrongdoing and keeps his puppet tabloid (and the Planet's chief competition) the Metropolis Sun at the ready to play up Lex's benevolent public image.

Despite his tough exterior, Perry is more a paternal figure to his staff than a boss. He has a special fondness for Clark and Lois and feels they'd be as good a team personally as they are professionally. He also likes Jimmy Olsen more than he'll ever admit, even though he does get tired of the little punk calling him "Chief" all the time.

The landmark Daily Planet building also houses PLANET NEWS BROADCASTING, a round the clock news channel. The Planet TV station and the Planet newspaper frequently trade information and on-air talent.

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