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Bios - Sul-Van

Voiced By: Tony Jay
First Appearance: "Last Son of Krypton"
Position: Grandfather of Kal-El; Deceased

Bio: The father of Lara and grandfather of her son, Kal-El, Sul-Van was on Krypton's high council. When Lara's husband, Jor-El, claimed that Krypton was on the edge of destruction, the council laughed and mocked his studies, shunning them when the computer Brainiac told them that Jor-El's findings were false.

Much to the dismay of the council, it was later revealed that Brainiac was lieing and destroying the planet himself. It as too late for Krypton; the planet began to explode and with it, it's inhabitants.

In attempt to throw the police off of Jor-El's trail, Sul-Van drove a vehicle out of Jor-El and Lara's home, so that they might send their son, Kal-El, off of the planet so that he'd be able to survive.


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