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Bios - Brainiac

Voiced By: Corey Burton
First Appearance: "Stolen Memories"
Position: Enemy

Bio: Once Brainiac was the sophisticated artificial intelligence system that guided and catalogued every phase of Krypton's existence. Then, when Jor-El revealed that Krypton was doomed, Brainiac lied about the scientist's findings, playing for time until he could safely beam himself away from the ill-fated planet. Over the years Brainiac has visited many worlds and has gradually taken on the form of a human-like android. One thing remains unchanged however: Brainiac's all-consuming lust for self-preservation and conquest.

Now Brainiac has come to Earth. Upon his arrival, Brainiac contacted Lex Luthor in the hopes of using his technology to suit his needs. While here on Earth, he's finally encountered the one foe strong enough and smart enough to fight him -- the son of his old enemy Jor-El, Superman.

Bio (Cartoon Network): In his original incarnation, Brainiac was a sentient computer system created on Superman's home planet, Krypton. While he was built with good intentions, Brainiac's directives reflect only self-preservation and greed. Misleading Krypton's scientists (including Superman's father, Jor-El) about the fate of their doomed home world, Brainiac managed to beam himself from the planet before its ultimate demise. Over many years, Brainiac wandered from galaxy to galaxy, acquiring knowledge and a humanoid form in the process. Upon reaching Earth, Brainiac soon discovered that our planet offered a wealth of new information. As he had done with other worlds, Brainiac was intent on annihilating the Earth after obtaining its data. Of course, Superman - Brainiac's first worthy opponent - was not going to allow such callous destruction.

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