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Bios - Darkseid

Voiced By: Michael Ironside
First Appearance: "Tools of the Trade"
Position: Enemy, Ruler of Apokolips

Bio: Quite possibly the most evil being to ever stride the cosmos. Seeking to bring Earth under his control, Darkseid has chosen to act behind the scenes, carefully and secretly acting through his Earthly agent Morgan Edge to stock Intergang with highly advanced weaponry. Once Metropolis has fallen to his agents, it's Darkseid's plan to come to Earth and use the city as his base while conquering the rest of the planet. It's our plan to keep Darkseid and his agenda secret for over half of the series, then gradually reveal he is the puppet master behind Intergang.

Darkseid has attacked Earth, namely Metropolis, twice. The first time cost the life of Dan Turpin. The second time Darkseid used Superman as his pawn. Darkseid brainwashed Superman, and sent him to conquer Earth, beginning with Metropolis. Superman was able to regain his memory and put an end to Darkseid for now, but at the cost of Earth's trust.

For more on Darkseid, check out his Justice League Bio.

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