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Bios - Lobo

Voiced By: Bard Garret
First Appearance: "The Main Man"
Position: Enemy

Bio: Lobo is a force to be reckoned with throught the cosmos. He has been killed a number of times, but neither Heaven nor Hell really wants to keep him. He does have a strange sense of honor, though, and loves his space dolphins to death.

Lobo lives to fight, drink, chase women, and fight. Oh, and he likes to gamble, too. He is recognized and feared throughout the galaxy as a master bounty hunter and a person you don't dare cross. When Lobo's on the job, he doesn't let anything get in his way: not animals, not old folks, not children, nothing. And he's a persistent bugger, too. He considers his word sacred.

For more on Lobo, see his Justice League bio.

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