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Bios - Edward Lytener / Luminus

Voiced By: Robert Hays
First Appearance: "Target" (as Edward Lytener); "Solar Power" (as Luminus)
Position: Enemy

Bio: Edward Lytener was a inventor for LexCorp, who left the company when there was an investigation. He went out on his own, and became obsessed with Lois Lane and kidnapped her with his high tech gadgetry, because she would not notice him. Ultimately he was foiled by Superman. He escaped from prison, using a new invention which takes illumination and reflective devices he created to escape. His ulterior motive in escaping was to gain revenge on Superman for ruining him. He became Luminus and used a device to turn the sun from yellow to red, which drains Superman of the source of his powers. This plan was quickly thwarted and Luminus was back in jail.

For more on Luminus, see his Justice League bio.

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