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Bios - Mercy Graves

Voiced By: Lisa Edelstein
First Appearance: "A Little Piece of Home"
Position: Enemy, Luthor's Bodyguard

Bio: A tough young woman with a checkered past, Mercy Graves serves as Lex Luthor's personal body guard and chauffeur. Originally the leader of a gang of girl thieves, Mercy once daringly swiped Luthor's briefcase from under the billionaire's nose. Naturally she didn't get far before Luthor's men hunted her down, but rather than take revenge, Luthor offered Mercy a job. He was impressed with her mixture of ruthlessness and street savvy so he took her in, cleaned her up, and made her his right-hand girl.

Though she usually relies on her cool and sardonic wit as her first form of defense, Mercy can be very physical and is an absolute demon in a fight. She uses a rough, street-form of kickboxing as her preferred form of attack, and can take anyone this side of Superman in one-on-one combat. She's also an expert with most forms of handheld weapons and has no problem with using them when she has to.

Mercy is loyal and respectful to Luthor, but never servile. She's not particularly attracted to him and neither is he to her. They recognize each other as similar animals who complement each other and work together as a highly effective team. Also, Mercy is the only one in Luthor's entire company who can get away with calling him "Lex".

Bio (Cartoon Network): Mercy Graves was a thief before Lex Luthor hired her to be his bodyguard and driver. When Mercy tried to rip Luthor off, he was so impressed with her nervy daring that he offered her steady employment in his "legitimate" enterprise. Mercy is an excellent hand-to-hand combatant, and is proficient with many handheld and throwing weapons. She is a formidable criminal and offers an indispensable service to Luthor, who equally values Mercy's loyalty and talents. Luthor and Mercy are not romantically involved, but they share an understanding that only the oldest of couples can appreciate.

For more on Mercy, check out her Justice League bio.


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