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Bios - Claire Selton / Volcana

Voiced By: Peri Gilpin
First Appearance: "Where There's Smoke"
Position: Enemy

Bio: Volcana, was once called Claire Selton. As a teenager, Claire showed an aptitude for pyrokenesis -- the ability to start fires with one's mind. Her parents sent her to Metropolis's Center for Paranormal Studies so that she could learn to control and develop her power, but she was soon spirited away by government agents who had big plans for her. According to the director of the Center, the agents "stripped away her past, code-named her Volcana, and tried their hardest to turn her into a living weapon."

But Volcana wouldn't go along with the plan. She escaped from the agents, became a hunted fugitive and survived the only way she could: by stealing. Eventually captured by Superman, he put her on an abandoned island, where he would periodically deliver food to her, as long as she stayed on the island didn't harm anyone.

For more on Volcana, check out her Justice League bio.

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