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Brave New Metropolis

Episode #25 - Brave New Metropolis
Original Airdate - September 27th, 1997.

Lois falls into a parallel Metropolis, where Superman and Lex Luthor work together as dictators to hold the city in an authoritarian group of forced justice.

Media by Bird Boy
Review by Bird Boy
Story by Stan Berkowitz and Alan Burnett
Teleplay by Stan Berkowitz
Directed by Curt Geda
Music by Michael McCuistion
Animation by Koko Enterprise Co., LTD., Dong Yang Animation Co., LTD.

Tim Daly as Superman/Clark Kent
Dana Delany as Lois Lane
Clancy Brown as Lex Luthor
Lisa Edelstein as Mercy Graves
Victor Brandt as Professor Hamilton
David Kaufman as Jimmy Olsen
Lauren Tom as Angela Chen
Joseph Bologna as Dan Turpin
Tress MacNeille as Revolutionary
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This is definitely up in my top 10 favorite STAS episodes of all time. It was a great look into Superman's world without Lois--cold, empty and dark. Unfortunately, passed this episode, there wasn't much more talk of Superman's feelings toward Lois, but it was still one of the better episodes. The animation was terrific in this episode, as was the dialogue, story and just about every other thing they put in.

The story itself starts out with Lois and Jimmy checking out Dr. Hamilton's newest discovery--a parallel dimension hole. With it, you can travel back and forth between dimensions, while trying to figure out how to work it, Lois falls through into a dimension where Metropolis is under the leadership of Superman and Luthor--and unlikely pair to be sure. Lois later finds out that she was killed and Luthor made it seem like the fault of the authority in the city. Shaken by the loss of Lois, Superman and Luthor team up to make Metropolis more like a dictatorship, with forced justice.

The episode itself ends with Superman find out Luthor was full of it and he broke the alliance. Before that, however, Superman takes Lois to the abandoned Star Labs to find the dimension machine still there and activated on the other side. Superman (the regular one) pulls Lois back through, but before he does, Superman (the alternate one) tells Lois how he feels about her.

Overall a great episode, with the happy ending of Superman and Lois going "out for dinner." I was just really impressed with this episode on several levels and I'm glad I had the chance to see it.

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