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Double Dose

Episode #23 - Double Dose
Original Airdate - September 22nd, 1997.

Livewire busts Parasite out of Stryker's Island Prison with the sole intent of teaming up to confront and defeat Superman.

Media by Stu
Pans by Bird Boy
Review by Bird Boy
Written by Hilary J. Bader
Directed by Yuichiro Yano
Music by Harvey R. Cohen
Animation by Koko Enterprise Co., LTD., Dong Yang Animation Co., LTD.

Tim Daly as Superman/Clark Kent
Dana Delany as Lois Lane
Brion James as Parasite
Joseph Bologna as Dan Turpin
Lori Petty as Livewire
Jim Meskimen as Janitor
Jeff Dombro as Guard

Screen Grabs


Ahh...the return of Livewire. True, I didn't like her premiere all that much, but the character sort of grew on me at the end of "Livewire", so her return in this episode, complete with Parasite, was a sort of treat. The two seemed an unlikely pair, and an untrustworthy one as well, as Parasite kept trying to get a "taste" of Livewire, even though she kept shocking him away.

The main point was to, of course, kill Superman...which episode isn't about that? But still, even with the repeated plot, it was fun to watch, especially to see Livewire and Parasite fight, talk and discuss their plans to kill Superman--and as soon as Superman turned up, covered in latex or whatever it was, it was funny as heck to see. Parasite couldn't drain him, and Livewire couldn't shock him, making him almost invincible. After fighting, fighting, and more fighting (which was all very interesting), the episode ended with the sprinklers going off, and Livewire shocking everything, including Parasite.

All in all, the episode wasn't "shocking", but it was fun to watch, which sometimes can be more enjoyable than watching the emotionally charged ones.

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