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The Main Man: Part 2

Episode #11 - The Main Man: Part 2
Original Airdate - November 16th, 1996.

Superman and Lobo team up to escape the Preserver and a vile band of competing bounty hunters with their own vendetta against the "Main Man."

Media by Amazing Spidey, Bird Boy
Review by Bird Boy
Written by Paul Dini
Directed by Dan Riba
Music by Harvey R. Cohen
Animation Services by Koko Enterprise Co., LTD., Dong Yang Animation Co., LTD.

Tim Daly as Superman/Clark Kent
Brad Garrett as Lobo
Sherman Howard as Preserver
David L. Lander as Sqweek
Don Harvey as Gnaww
Richard Moll as Emperor Spooj
Frank Welker as Serpent
Lara Cody as Alien Girls

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Just as good as Part 1, the humor was still there and the revelation of what the Preserver really was, was rather... surprising. To see him shred all of that skin, and turn into a Clayface-looking beast, and then see him beat the crap out of Lobo--well, needless to say, it was cool.

It starts out with Superman taunting a alien that was bull-like, him taking his cape and taunting it. It ran forward and ripped a hole into the glass that covered Superman and his make-believe "Krypton". Lobo pleeds with him to let him out, and in the end Superman agrees--with both of them teaming up to get out of the Preservers ship. In the end, Superman and Lobo both get out of the Preserver's ship, allowing Lobo to get his bounty to Emperor Spooj and to allow Superman to get back to earth. Superman then takes all of the Preserver's beast and puts them into his newly named "Fortress of Solitude".

With all of the action in the episode, the comedy (again), and the dialogue, it was definitely just as good as part 1.

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