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The Prometheon

Episode #27 - The Prometheon
Original Airdate - September 12th, 1997.

A giant humanoid creature with incredible strength and heat-sapping abilities, falls to Earth and now threatens the planet. Superman has to fight the creature's advances and send it back into outer space.

Media by Amazing Spidey, Bird Boy
Review by Jim Harvey
Story by Alan Burnett, Stan Berkowitz
Written by Stan Berkowitz
Directed by Nobuo Tomizawa
Music by Michael McCuistion
Animation Services by TMS-kyokuichi Corporation

Tim Daly as Superman/Clark Kent
Dana Delany as Lois Lane
David Kaufman as Jimmy Olsen
Victor Brandt as Professor Hamilton
Charles Napier as General Hardcastle
Frank Welkers as Creature
Jennifer Hale as Female Vacationer
Marcelo Tubert as Sonar Man
Townsend Coleman as Captain
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A nice twist on the classic 'giant monster' stories from the early Superman comics. I can remember going through stacks of old Superman comics and coming across these great stories where all Superman has to do is defend Metropolis from a huge, hulking monster. A simple enough story, yes, but always enjoyable. This episode brings back that type of story, and throws in a couple good twists.

Superman discovers an alien chained to an asteroid heading for Earth. Thanks to some mistakes from an untrusting sergeant, the alien is freed and falls towards Earth, landing near Metropolis. A creature that requires heat to live, Superman has to find a way to stop it before it destroys Metropolis. A very simple story, yes, but the interaction between Superman, Prof. Hamilton, and the General make this a compelling story. You know Superman will save the day, but it's intriguing to find out how.

The design of the alien is a clear homage to Jack Kirby. Kirby created literally dozens of aliens monsters for various stories back in the 1970's, and this creature embodies all the trappings of a Kirby monster. The monster is very one-note and one-dimensional, but it series it's purpose. There's no need for there to be an elaborate back story for the creature. There could have been, and that would've dramatically altered the story. I think the creature works as is. Not every bad guy needs to have some traumatic childhood or elaborate motive. This creature just wants heat, and that's all we need to fuel this story.

The General in this story is one who makes a very crucial appearance in "Legacy," so this episode plays as a great introduction to his character. He doesn't trust the Man of Steel, and wants nothing to do with him. The stuff he says in this dialogue acts as a chilling prelude to his actions in "Legacy."

A lot of people right off this episode as just a waste of twenty minutes, but I find it to be just intriguing. We have Superman fending off this enormous monster, fighting with all his might and using his brain. There's also a solid introduction to the General, a character who becomes very important down the line. Plus, you have that Kirby-inspired monster, wreaking havoc. It's feels like an old-fashioned fun story. With beautiful animation by TMS, I find this episode hard to resist.

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