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Superman's Pal

Episode #51 - Superman's Pal
Original Airdate - February 20th, 1999.

Jimmy Olsen and Superman work together to combat Metallo's return to Metropolis.

Media by Bird Boy
Pans by Borg4of3
Review by Bird Boy
Written by Robert Goodman
Directed by Kazumi Fukushima
Music by Lolita Ritmanis, Shirley Walker, Michael McCuistion, Kristopher Carter
Animation by Group T.A.C. Co., LTD., Jade Animation

Tim Daly as Superman/Clark Kent
Dana Delany as Lois Lane
Malcolm McDowell as Metallo
David Kaufman as Jimmy Olsen
Dina Sherman as Tina
Lauren Tom as Angela Chen
Dave Walsh as Captain Croissant
Larry Cedar as Restaurant Owner
John Mariano as Short Order Cook
Charlie Rocket as Used Car Salesman
Melissa Disney as College Girl

Screen Grabs


Watching this episode was one of those things where you wonder why you wasted that twenty minutes of your already short life.

For so long I wondered why I hated Superman so much. Day in, day out, I slammed Superman, I hated Superman, I thought he sucked. Then when Iím watching all of STAS for the first timeóI realize Superman rocks. He absolutely rules. Never will he top Batman as my favorite super-hero, but dangit, heís definitely number two now.

Back to the episode in generalóI remember seeing this one on Kids WB! everytime Batman wasnít on. I watched it everytime for some reason, and I couldnít help but laugh..Superman truly was a crappy show and I found pleasure in dissing it. But, like I said above, itís different now. I know what STAS was really like and this episode just turned out to be a bunch of crap. I know now that Tim Daly is Superman. I know Dana Delaney is Lois Lane. I know Michael Ironside is Darkseid.. itís all so much better now that Iím not just a biased Bat-fan.

Maybe Iím hurting this episode too much by saying all of the bad things, but I didnít see any good coming from it either. Instead, it turned into the Critters of STAS. But, lets try to find some of the good stuff..I know itís in there somewhere..

Oh yesÖ the voices. They were about the only solid thing in this episode, and the music wasnít half-bad (it seemed to get repetitious after awhile though..), but,--Iím already veering off into the bad stuff--, this is the kicker. The big one. The thing that destroyed any hopes of me enjoying this episode the most---itís animation. Why is it so bad you say? Maybe because it just flat out sucked.

Clark Kent looked fine, but when he went over to Superman, he was model throughout the entire episodeÖ.he was almost, how do I sayÖ shiny looking. That on top of Loisís Marilyn Monroe impression with the flying skirt (ďIíve gotta start wearing pants!Ē) and Jimmyís nod at the end. Come ON..Why did his eyelids suddenly become black as night? What happened to the skin?

After all is said, done and stomached (barely), this was no doubt the single worst episode of STAS Iíve seenóand Iíve seen them all. Only thing this episode was good for was a laughómainly just laughing at the aweful-ness.

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