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Voiced By: Wil Weaton as Aqualad, Sound F/X as Tram
First Appearance: "Deep Six"
Position: Titans Friends / Member of Titans East

Biography (Aqualad): He’s buff, charming and can breathe underwater. Just when Beast Boy is about to show off his ability to change into a menagerie of underwater creatures, Aqualad shows up. This hero of the deep joins the Teen Titans to stop a mysterious amphibious villain named Trident, who has stolen a boatload of toxic waste.

Aqualad later joined the East division of Teen Titans in order to take down Brother Blood. Though Blood had the team, sans Cyborg, under mind-control the Titans West were able to stop them and Brother Blood before anything drastic happened.

And always by Aqualad's site is Tram, the heroes helpful companion and sidekick. When the T-Sub came in badly damaged and in need of severe repairs, Tram got to work right away to repair everything that was damaged during Trident's attack.

Tram later filled in for Beast Boy and helped seal off the entrance to Trident's cloning area, allowing him to see his newly repaired sub in action--seismic blasters and all.

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