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Voiced By: Greg Cipes
First Appearance: "Final Exam"
Position: Teen Titan

Biography (Official): Greg Cipes plays Beast Boy, the team's "class clown" who can morph into any animal to suit the situation. Greg Cipes, the voice behind this good humored, green character, is also a regular on Justice League, Rugrats: All Growed Up.

Biography: Originally a member of the Doom Patol, Beast Boy left the team after it's leader, Mento, created a rift between the two. Since Beast Boy had always looked up to Mento as a father figure, being shunned by him made him feel like an outcast in the group. Although young, Beast Boy set out on his own and eventually teamed up with a new group in Jump City who later dubbed themselves the "Teen Titans."

Beast Boy has the unusual ability to morph into any animal that he chooses, even extinct varieties such as the Tyrannosaurus Rex. The lighthearted jokester of the group, Beast Boy's cheerful outlook on life combined with his silly humor help to lighten up the atmosphere when things get grim around the Tower. While he sometimes gets on his teammates' nerves with his annoying wisecracks, erratic behavior (like always borrowing Cyborg's stuff and then losing it), and idiotic pranks, he is very valuable both in ba and as a companion and friend.

Beast Boy's relationship with fellow Teen Titan Terra went from good, to bad, to good, to horrible. Though they both cared for each other, Terra's betrayal of the Titans drove them too far apart, until the very end. The two embraced one last time before Terra sacrificed herself to save the city and it's inhabitants.

After a fight with Adonis, Beast Boy had his "inner-beast" unleashed. A fearsome werewolf type creature that was triggered when Beast Boy became extremely angered. The creature, a side-affect of a chemical that had fallen on him and Adonis, was eventually subdued by a serum that Cyborg concocted.

Terra later "returned," although she has no memory of her former life. Beast Boy refused to accept this and did all he could to try to get things back to the way things were. After a talk and fight with Slade, Beast Boy began to realize that even if this was the Terra he knew and even if she did remember her former life, she doesn't want anything to do with being a hero or friend of the Titans. Beast Boy finally accepted this and moved on, realizing that things must always change.

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