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Voiced By: Hynden Walch
First Appearance: "Sisters"
Position: Sister of Starfire / Outlaw

Biography: Sister of Starfire, Blackfire came to earth after being hunted down by the Centari Police, Kai and Cron, for committing "high crimes"; throughout the entire Centari system. Attempting to frame her sister as the culprit, she gives Starfire a Centari Moon Diamond necklace--making the police think it's Starfire even more.

Blackfire is eventually found out, however, as Starfire and her battle. In the end, Blackfire slips up and is taken into police custody. Before being taken away, Blackfire called out to Starfire, telling her that "I will get out of jail, little sister, and I will get even."

Though she was thrown in jail, Blackfire got "bored and broke out." Not one to be unamused, Blackfire returned to Tamaran and overthrew the ruler and took Tamaran under her own rule. Desiring more power, as any despot would, Blackfire struck a deal with Glgrdsklechhh "the exalted Sclurch of the Swamp Moons of Drenthax IV"; in exchange for her sister, Starfire, Glgrdsklechhh would give her the Jewel of Charta, a jewel that grants her infinite power and invincibility. After finding out about this plan, Starfire challenged her for the throne and in the process destroyed the Jewel of Charta. Starfire ultimately won the throne back from Blackfire and immediately banished her from Tamaran.

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