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Voiced By: John DiMaggio
First Appearance: "Deception"
Position: Head of H.I.V.E., in Jail

Biography: The new ruler of the H.I.V.E., Brother Blood is able to control his students through mind control, allowing him to make sure they obey each and everyone of his plans.

Brother Blood's plan of taking the Titans out was about to succeed until the new recruit he gave power to, Stone, was revealed to be Cyborg. Assuming he could control him like his other students, Brother Blood was ultimately betrayed by Cyborg when the machine half of his brain fought back and began a chain-reaction of explosions in the H.I.V.E. headquarters that finally destroyed it.

Blood escaped with his students and immediately began to build a new HQ under the water--much to Aqualad's dismay. The HQ was built upon Cyborg's blue prints (which they acquired from Cyborg when he logged into the H.I.V.E.'s main computer as Stone), which gave it the same weaknesses as Cyborg. Going in with Bumble Bee, they took down Brother Blood and his HQ once again.

With this HQ destroyed, Brother Blood took control of Bumble Bee, Aqualad, Mas y Menos, and Speedy, who formed "Titans East." Convincing Cyborg that they wanted him to stay on as leader, Brother Blood managed to get Cyborg stuck in his trap.

Transforming himself into an evil version of Cyborg, Brother Blood broke into Titans tower again with little effort, due to his mind control over the other Titans. Taking Cyborg down with ease, Brother Blood failed when Cyborg realized the real reason he was able to resist him: it wasn't his technology, but his soul. With this knowledge, Cyborg was able to break off (literally) Blood's arms, leaving him defenseless.

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