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Voiced By: Khary Payton
First Appearance: "Final Exam"
Position: Teen Titan

Biography (Official): Khary Payton has his first starring role as the voice of Cyborg, the half-robot, half-man member of the Teen Titans who, with his powerful sonic cannon, vice-like mechanical grip, and enhanced grip, is a human Swiss Army knife. Rebuilt as a human/robot hybrid after a devastating accident, he has as much to learn about controlling his powers and his temper.

Biography: After a horrific accident, metal and flesh were bound together to create Cyborg. Cyborg is a hybrid of a human and a machine, and wields a massive sonic cannon capable of unleashing high-decibel blasts. Blessed with a powerful grip, superhuman strength, and a variety of other gadgets, Cyborg is the backbone of the Teen Titans. While Cyborg's robotic components are susceptible to digital assault and his power battery can run out of juice, his steadfast friendship provides strong physical and emotional support to the group. Despite the fact that Cyborg often loses his temper (especially in the face of adversity or significant annoyance), he is incredibly loyal and dedicated to his teammates. Having designed the T-Car all by himself, Cyborg is also an adept mechanic.

When Cyborg first infiltrated the H.I.V.E. academy as Victor Stone, he hoped to take down Brother Blood on his own--but when he failed both the first and second times, Cyborg began to question his place in the Titans. Cyborg later headed up the eastern division of Teen Titans, Titans East. Leaving the Titans in the West, Cyborg served as leader of the new Titan team, up until Brother Blood got involved. Using his technology against him, Cyborg was only able to defeat Brother Blood once he realized that it was his spirit that was able to resist Blood's control, not his tech. Cyborg went back west with the Titans, leaving Bumble Bee in charge of Titans East.

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