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Voiced By: Lauren Tom as Gizmo, Jinx; Kevin Michael Richardson as Mammoth
First Appearance: "Final Exam"
Position: Members of H.I.V.E.

Biography (Official): Gizmo, Mammoth and Jinx: These three teenage bad seeds are about to graduate from the Hive Academy and are looking to be employed by criminal patron Slade. But first he asks them to pass one final exam: destroy the Teen Titans. Gizmo, covered head to toe in high-tech gadgets, is a pint-sized boy-genius with a bad attitude. Mammoth is not just big for his age, this ultimate bully is big for his species. Jinx is a beautiful but arrogant witch able to cast hexes that bring her enemies the worst kind of bad luck.

Biographies: A top graduate of the Hive Academy, Gizmo is a short, technical genius given one goal by Slade: Destroy the Teen Titans. His technical know-how lets him come prepared for almost any situation, and his hacking skills make him a formidable opponent for the Teen Titans, especially Cyborg (who relies on a computerized support system). He also alphabetized Beast Boy's music collection whilst calling the vast majority of it either "crud" or "snot", undoubtedly the beginning of a rivalry between the two.

A genetically enhanced giant, Mammoth's immense strength earned him the place of a top graduate at the Hive Academy. A creature large even for his species, Mammoth provides a gargantuan challenge for the Teen Titans. Mammoth was employed by Slade to defeat the Teen Titans along with his fellow graduates Gizmo and Jinx.

Another top graduate of the Hive Academy, Jinx is a sorceress that casts hexes on victims, subjecting them to the worst of luck. She invaded Raven's room and tried to wear her clothing during her occupancy of the Titans Tower along with Gizmo and Mammoth, fostering a fierce enmity between the two.

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