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Voiced By: Thomas Hayden Church
First Appearance: "Date With Destiny"
Position: Titans Villains

Biography (Official): With no superpowers of his own, this ordinary guy relies on superior training, intellect and a high tech utility belt to battle his foes. Sound familiar? But unlike Robin, Killer Moth is a bad guy with an army of monstrous genetically mutated moths. The Teen Titans can’t wait to squash this self-made criminal.

Biography: One would think such a evil and scary looking villain would answer to know one--but Killer Moth does. Well, to his daughter, Kitty, anyway.

Killer Moth's plan to take over the entire city and him being at it's helm, failed when his daughter insisted on Robin being the person who takes her to the Prom. For Killer Moth, this just satisfied his daughter--but she was in control of the night. She had the trigger that freed the thousands of mutated moths from their captivity--and free them, she did. Luckily, Raven, Cyborg and Beast Boy were there to stop the swarm from escaping their containment.

Killer Moth was rounded up along with Fang and Kitty and all of them were taken to jail--and luckily, all of the moths turned back into their larvae form, giving Beast Boy a new "pet", much to Raven's dismay...

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