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Voiced By:
Tara Strong as Kole
Dee Bradley Baker as Gnarrk
First Appearance: Kole
Position: Middle-Earth Inhabitants

Biography: Kole and Gnarrk live at the center of the Earth. While they live alone, their environment is warm and inhabited by dinosaurs.

The Teen Titans first encountered Kole and Gnarrk after a battle with Dr. Light on the icy surface above; they fell through the ground and ended up in this middle-earth world. Forming an alliance with Kole and Gnarrk, they set out to find Dr. Light.

Dr. Light caught Kole and Gnarrk by surprise and ended up stealing Kole for his destructive machine that harnesses the power of light. The Titans and Gnarrk eventually freed Kole and destroyed Dr. Light’s machine.

Kole is able to focus and harden her body into a tough surface, resistant to scratching, chipping and just about any other kind of abuse you can throw at it. It was this ability that Dr. Light used her powers for, as a focusing crystal for his machine.

Kole later used her whole body as a reflecting beam for Starfire’s starbolts, which focused like a laser and zapped Dr. Light.

Gnarrk was once afraid of light; he overcame his fear when he saw that Kole and the Teen Titans were in danger. Gnarrk’s only real power is his incredible endurance.

Kole and Gnarrk became honorary Teen Titans, but chose to stay under the Earth where they were safe from those above.

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