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Voiced By: Dee Bradley Baker
First Appearance: "Fractured"
Position: Titans Ally

Biography (Official): Larry the Titan is a short little weirdo from another dimension and Robin's number one fan! Larry wants to help Robin out, but might end up causing more problems than what he wants to solve: Due to his extra dimensional nature, Larry has the potential to break the fabric of space-time and destroy all of reality!

Biography: After Robin is injured after his first encounter with the biker Johnny Rancid, Larry the Titan comes with this explanation:

"No, I'm not a clone. I'm you, another you, from another universe. All the way from Dimension Four and Nine-Eights, Robin's double, DNA buddy and number one fan, Nosyarg Kcid."

Though he tries to fix Robin's arm with his "magic finger", he ends up doing more damage than good, and when Robin finally has enough, he tosses Larry off of him. It's in this fatal fall that Larry breaks his finger, thus "breaking" the world as well. The town turns into something that Cyborg says is worthy of being "on my grandmothers fridge." Though the Titans try to get back to the Tower to fix it at it's source, Johnny Rancid harnesses the power of this goof-up to become a mini-Lobo for the Titans. Robin and Larry ultimately prevail and the universe is turned back to normal, but not before Larry takes another crack at healing Robin's arm--a "crack" that sends Robin to another dimension.

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