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RED X (Unknown)

Voiced By: Scott Menville
First Appearance: "X"
Position: Vigilante

Biography: When Robin attempted to fool Slade into partnering with his new guise of "Red X", Slade immediately saw through the facade but played along. Robin's plan failed in the end, and betrayed his friends trust by not letting them in on the plan; though glad that he was safe, they were still hurt. Putting the suit away in a vault, Robin thought that he'd seen the end of "Red X"--after all, he had created it.

The Titans, however, were in for a surprise when Red X showed up at a factory, attempting to steal the dangerous mineral "synovium" to fuel his suit. After repeated testing by Starfire, the Titans finally believed Robin when he said that it wasn't him as Red X.

Red-X eventually aided Robin when the man that had betrayed them both, Chang, attempted to destroy the city. Though he didn't like playing the good guy, when Robin questioned his aid, Red X simply replied "doesn't mean I don't know how." Red X used the rest of the synovium to escape the Titans and it is unknown if he was able to acquire more.

Red X later showed up again to try to win a race against Ding Dong Daddy for a case that was stolen from Robin. During the race, Robin saved Red X's life and Red X returned the favor by knocking out every other one of the racers, allowing Robin to beat Ding Dong Daddy and win the race. Who he is also remains a mystery, but his interest in Robin and the Teen Titans show Red X has closer ties to The Boy Wonder and his super-teen group then they realize ...

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