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Voiced By: Scott Menville
First Appearance: "Final Exam"
Position: Leader of the Teen Titans

Biography (Official): As Robin, Scott Menville gets to play the gung-ho leader of the Teen Titans superhero team, relying on his daring, intellect and a fully-loaded utility belt to carry him through the challenges he and his team face, while still taking the time to explain the intricacies of life on Earth to Starfire. Menville has done voice work on Jungle Book: Mowgli’s Story and The Land Before Time III, and was a series regular on Mission Hill.

Biography: After moving from Gotham City, Robin began working alone in Jump City. This didn't last long, however, when he met up with three other teenagers and a Tamaranian named Starfire. With the help of Raven, Cyborg and Beast Boy, Robin was able to save Starfire from her predicament and made a friend along the way. The group of five heroes later formed the Teen Titans with Robin as the leader.

Robin relies on nothing more than his wit and fearless nature to hold the team together. Once the partner of the legendary vigilante Batman, Robin's leadership abilities, analytical skills, and raw courage are of invaluable aid to the team and the cause that they uphold. Along with his unbridled speed and agility, Robin also has a utility belt at his disposal which houses a variety of projectiles with a vast array of different effects, a retractable bo-staff and a cape made of high-density polymerized titanium that is ten times as strong as steel. From razor-sharp Bird-a-rangs and freeze-disks to complex circuitry capable of hacking the most intricate of portable computer systems, Robin almost always has the perfect tools for many different situations. His high level of preparedness for any battle combined with his unparalleled daring make him a fearless opponent ready for almost any situation.

Robin also brings his expertise to the Teen Titans as a group. His years of hardened experience and mental training allow him to effectively coordinate battles and provide the Titans with invaluable leadership skills. While he spends much of his time putting himself through rigorous training exercises, he is never too busy to chill out and have some fun with his fellow teammates. Robin realizes that effective leadership requires both respect and friendship, and he's always willing to help out the Titans with their problems or to just hang out. While he enjoys a close relationship with most of the Titans, he spends a great deal of his time with Starfire in particular to help her get accustomed to life on Earth.

While a dedicated and capable leader, Robin's got his fair share of issues, too. When crud goes down, Robin sometimes loses control of himself in his obsessive fervor to "catch the bad guy". This trait was expressed multiple times in Robin's attempts to catch the manipulative Slade: In one instance, Robin doubled as a criminal "Red X" for the express purpose of tricking Slade into forging a partnership with him. In another, Robin's fervor to leave his friends behind and catch Slade led him to be captured by Slade for the purpose of turning Robin into his apprentice.

Throughout everything that he's been through, his friends (particularly Starfire) have always been with him. Even though Robin has proved himself multiple times to have the skills to defeat the rest of the superpowered Titans, he still considers his buddies to be his most valuable asset. With the help of his friends, Robin seems to have gotten a handle on this particular issue.

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