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Voiced By: Dee Bradley Baker
First Appearance: "Date With Destiny", "Can I Keep Him?" (As Silkie)
Position: Starfire's Pet

Biography: Taken from Killer Moth's lab when he was first taken down by the Titans, Silkie became the "secret" pet of Beast Boy. When Silkie destroyed half of the Tower, Beast Boy enlisted Starfire's aid. She quickly fell in love with the little worm and cared for him--until she fed him her favorite food from her home planet: zorka berries. These berries transformed Silkie into a massive larvae--increasing his size (and appetite) many times over.

After destroying even more of the Tower, Robin insisted that Starfire get rid of Silkie. Through alot of tears, Starfire put him on a far-a-way island and let him there; what she didn't know, was that Killer Moth had taken up residence there. Silkie evolved into a giant moth and was under the control of Killer Moth.

Near the end of his fight with the Titans, Silkie (or "M319", as Killer Moth called him) was faced with a hard decision: go with Starfire who loved him, or Killer Moth who only wanted his power? The dilemma ultimately made Silkie blow up--literally. He went back to his normal size and the rest of his body erupted into zorka berries, which he and Starfire quickly began consuming.

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