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Voiced By: Hynden Walch
First Appearance: "Final Exam"
Position: Teen Titan

Biography (Official): The sensitive newcomer to Earth, Starfire desperately wants to fit in just like any other teenager. Although she is caring, with a curiosity that is innocent and endearing, she won’t hesitate to hurl an energy ball at anyone who tries to mess with her or her friends. Hynden Walch, who has had guest starring roles on NYPD Blue, The Drew Carey Show, and The Practice, brings warm-hearted kindness to the role.

Biography: Starfire was a “prize” that the Gordanians were to deliver to the Citadel, to live out her days as their servant. Starfire broke free from the Gordanian vessel and brought her fight to Earth. After encountering some new heroes on Earth, they eventually teamed up to repel the Gordanian threat. Starfire stayed on with this new team who later dubbed themselves the "Teen Titans."

Starfire is a powerful extraterrestrial being from the planet Tamaran and is the innocent newcomer to the group. Although she is still learning about the strange habits and foreign customs on the planet Earth, she remains a fierce fighter capable of firing extremely powerful energy blasts from her hands and flight. She is a warm-hearted, kind, and gentle friend that gets along well with all the other Teen Titans. In particular, she spends a lot of time with Robin and considers him to be her best friend. A dedicated optimist, Starfire may have powers and abilities that she's not even aware of yet.

Like her sister, Blackfire, Starfire can now shoot bolts out of her eyes--something she gained when she went through a process called "transformation", in which a Tamaranian evolves. She was one of the few who went about it by a process called "Chrysalis", where a horn sprouts from the forehead, two additional horns from the neck, longer ears become visible, and the feet swell to a larger size as well; this all leads up to forming a cocoon around herself, which lasts only a few minutes. Unfortunately, during this stage of Chrysalis, she is defenseless--and, had it not been for the other Titans, she would've been eaten by a Chrysalis Hunter, a white and red monster that goes through life waiting for a Tamaranian to go into this phase.

Starfire received a summons from Tamaran to come and wed her betrothed--a man she had never met, but was forced to marry. Though it turned out to be a giant ploy by Blackfire, Starfire almost spent her life with the snot-monster Glgrdsklechhh. After she found out about the plan, Starfire overthrew Blackfire and gave the throne to Galfore, so she could return with her friends to earth.

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