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Voiced By: Ashley Johnson
First Appearance: "Terra"
Position: Ex-Titan, In High School

Biography: Terra is small teenage girl with big powers. Gifted with amazing earth-moving abilities, Terra can make rocks fly, mountains crumble, and the ground tremble beneath her feet. Terra may also have feelings for our resident animal lover, Beast Boy. However, there might be more to the hip, funny young hero than what initially meets the eye...

After she mistakenly thinks Beast Boy told Robin their secret (that she can't control her powers), she runs off--with Slade continuing to watch her every move. She later returned to the Titans tower later on, and asked if she could still be a Titan. After gaining their trust, she became the sixth Titan to live in the tower.

The Titans later found out that she was working alongside Slade--giving him information on their weaknesses, their Tower defense system and more. Though Beast Boy promised that no matter what she did, he'd never stop being her friend--but the handing of his friends over to this mad-man was too much for him to handle.

Beast Boy's rejection turned Terra completely over to Slade's side, and felt no remorse till the very end about her decision. Terra took each of the Titans down, one by one, until the city belonged to Slade and her. What she didn't realize about the Titans though, is they don't go down easily--they returned to defeat her and Slade, only to find out that she had decided to leave Slade's side. Once she found she was unable to, Slade gained control of her body via the suit he had given her--it tied into her nervous system, allowing him to fight as long as she was up and willing.

She turned her powers onto Slade in her last effort to save herself from a horrible fate. Though it seemed everything would be all right in the end, Terra's powers had triggered a volcano --one that would annihilate everything in it's path. Sacrificing herself to save her friends and the city, Terra stopped the volcanic eruption from happening; for this sacrifice, she was turned into a statue made of the rapidly cooled lava. Though no safe way is known of extracting her now, the Titans are actively seeking a way to free their friend.

Despite tons of spells and chemical analysis by Raven and Cyborg, the Titans were unable to free Terra from her stone prison. Upon returning from France and defeating the Brotherhood of Evil, however, Beast Boy discovered that she was no longer stuck in stone and attending the local Murakami Highschool. Filled with joy, Beast Boy ran to see Terra and was heart broken when he found that she remembered nothing of her former life.

Questioning her and giving her details on all of the things that they did together, Terra could only tell Beast Boy that all she remembered was high school and nothing about being a Titan, living in the Titan's Tower, Slade or even Beast Boy. Beast Boy later met up with Slade who told Beast Boy that he had nothing to do with Terra's return or memory loss. Terra not remembering her past or powers, according to Slade, is simply because she doesn't want to. Beast Boy could not accept this and did all he could to try to trigger Terra's memory, even going as far as throwing dirt in her face to see if she could stop it with her mind like she once did.

In the end, Beast Boy had to come to terms with the fact that even though this may very well be the physical Terra he once knew, the one who was his best friend, laughed at his jokes and was a Teen Titan was long gone. What freed her from her stone encasement is still a mystery, though Cyborg speculates that there could have been an earthquake while they were away or Raven surmises that the symptoms merely wore off over time. Whatever the case is, either Terra doesn't remember or has simply blocked all of her past, trauma filled life, out of her mind and moved onto a happier life in high school with new friends and surroundings.

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