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Voiced By:
Mike Erwin as Speedy
T'Keyah Crystal Kemah as Bumble Bee
Freddy Rodriguez as Mas, Menos
Wil Wheaton as Aqualad
First Appearance: "Titans East, Pt. 1"
Position: Teen Titans on the East Coast

Biography: After Brother Blood's second H.I.V.E. was destroyed, Bumble Bee and Aqualad tracked him to Steel City. Setting up base here in the event of another Brother Blood attack, Teen Titans East was formed. Cyborg volunteered to check up on their progress--and what he found wasn't pretty. The Tower itself was in shambles and the team needed to learn a thing or two about working together. With a little elbow grease ("or a truckload of elbow grease") and patience, the Titans East Tower was full operational and the Team was able to work together without hassle.

Of course, nothing is as it seems. While in a fight with Brother Blood's "pet", Steamroller, Cyborg was attacked. Steamroller managed to get the Titans security codes out of Cyborg's system before he was taken down completely. With these codes, Brother Blood staged a break-in at the Tower, attempting to take it over as his new headquarters.

The Titans East are successful in "defeating" Blood and Cyborg decides to stay on as their leader. Once Cyborg leaves the room, however, Aqualad communicates with Blood and tells him everything's going according to plan.

Eventually, the Titans are freed of Brother Blood's mind control. Once this happened, Cyborg decided to leave the Titans East and put the team in the capable hands of Bumble Bee.

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