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Episode #40 - Episode 257-494
Original Airdate - January 17th, 2005

When Control Freak breaks out of prison, what's his first crime to commit? Why, take over the airwaves of course! Can the Titans stop him in time before he turns everyone in the city into mindless zombies?

Note: Episode was originally titled "Don't Touch That Dial."

Review by Amazing Spidey
Media by Bird Boy
Titans Writers
Written by David Slack
Directed by Ben Jones
Producer Glen Murakami
Producers Linda M. Steiner, David Slack
Music by Kristopher Carter
Casting and Voice Direction Andrea Romano
Animation Services by Dongwoo Animation Co., LTD.

Titans Voices
Greg Cipes as Beast Boy
Scott Menville as Robin
Khary Payton as Cyborg
Tara Strong as Raven
Hynden Walch as Starfire
Alex Polinsky as Control Freak

Note: Theme aired in Japanese.

List of References
• The Outer Limits ("Don't adjust your picture")
• Battle of the Planets (Beginning with TV, Later with Logo)
• Dukes of Hazard (Car falling towards Cyborg)
• Barney
• Bill Cosby ("Freeze? That's today's sloppy mess word!")
• Looney Tunes (Roadrunner)
• Dr. Zeuss
• James Bond
• Creature from the Black Lagoon
• Robby the Robot
• Jonah Hex (?)
• Futurama, "All My Circuits" (Soap Opera) (?)
• Inspector Gadget
• Steve Irwin (Crocodile Hunter)
• Leave it to Beaver
• Gremlins (Zinthos Commercial: Don't Feed it After Midnight, Don't Get it Wet, Keep It Out of Daylight)
• The Matrix
• Terminator
• Teen Titans (Zombie image from "Apprentice, Pt. 2)
• Star Wars / Star Trek / Battlestar Galactica
• Highlander
• The Phantom Zone (2D Card Control Freek was trapped in)
• The Simpsons (Ending, when no moral is learned)


Screen Grabs


Sound Clips
"Starfire, run for you life!" (MP3, 137kb)
The Zinthos Commercial (MP3, 193kb)


I haven’t watched an episode that was this much fun since Fractured. To say this episode was superb is an understatement. I don’t think I’ve ever watched any episode of anything twice in a row, except here. A lot of shows try to add a few little references in so there’s re-watch value, but this was simply insane.

It would be easy to harp on and on about them, but the list up top is more than enough. I had great fun watching it again simply for the references. A lot of them were subtle, whilst others were bust your gut funny.

The plot of the episode isn’t half bad. The episode isn’t an out of this world stupid one, but nor one with a serious tone. It manages to find a nice balance, and actually does a pretty good job giving each of the Titans an equal amount of airtime. At first I thought we were heading for the tired “no one ever believes me” rant from BB, then for the Titans to say “We should’ve listened to you Beast Boy” but no, Teen Titans proves to be as unpredictable as ever.

After a mildly disappointing 3rd season, the 4th season opener gets off to one of the strongest starts possible. Simply an outstanding episode!