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Episode #56 - For Real
Original Airdate - October 15th, 2005

Control Freak returns to Titan Tower with "The Ultimate Titans Challenge," a series of events designed specifically to challenge the Teen Titans. But what happens to Control Freak's big plan when he finds himself facing not the "real" Titans -- but the Titans East?

Reviews by Bird Boy
Media by Bird Boy
Titans Writers
Written by Melody Fox
Directed by Michael Chang
Music by Kristopher Carter
Animation by Lotto Animation

Titans Voices
Mike Erwin as Speedy
T'Keyah Crystal Kemah as Bumblebee
Khary Payton as Cyborg
Alexander Polinsky as Control Freak
Freddy Rodriguez as Mas y Menos
Wil Wheaton as Aqualad
Dee Bradley Baker as Le Blanc


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Sound Clips
"Stingers, huh?" (MP3, 129kb)
"This stinks." (MP3, 207kb)
"Unbelievable!" (MP3, 168kb)


Thank you, thank you and thank you! Finally, an episode of Teen Titans that’s entertaining on all levels. I was beginning to think we’d never see another one of these again.

While the episode continues the streak of not seeing the full Titans in action, we do get a lot more exposure to the Titans East, who have been called in two guard the Titans West tower while they’re out of town (makes you wonder who’s at the Titans East tower). Control Freak wanted to test the “real” Teen Titans with his new tricks, but he was forced to learn the ways of the Titans East before he could develop any of his trickery.

From the start, you’re laughing at the episode. There’s a deluge of wacky facial expressions on Control Freak and the dialogue is great as well. It’s certainly a ton better than the last “goofy” Titans episode (“Mother Mae-Eye”—that one just disturbed me a little) and everything on it is incredibly enjoyable.

One of the most enjoyable bits was Control Freak talking to the other “fanboys and girls” online. Amidst the “Starfire and Robin forever!” and “lol” phrases, I couldn’t help but start laughing. Considering how completely disturbing some Teen Titans fans can get in terms of how far they take things, hearing things like “Aqualad and Bumblebee 4ever!” were just incredibly amusing to me.

Animation was pretty good in this episode and it was great to see more of the Titans East, especially since we hadn’t seen all that much of them in season three. While I thought the “Titans East” season three finale was quite possibly the worst finale yet, the characters of Titans East are quite enjoyable. I love the interaction between Speedy and Aqualad and Mas y Menos are always a hoot to watch.

The episode as a whole was obviously just a filler; there was really no great and magic plot here that astounds you, it was just a ton of fun. And after the first three lackluster episodes of this season, I’m glad we were treated to a zany adventure so early on.

Hopefully the rest of the season can be as enjoyable as this episode; I realize not everyone enjoys the crazy episodes, but they’re certainly more enjoyable than some of the other stuff we’ve gotten so far this season.

A short review to be sure, but this episode really doesn’t need much explanation—it’s something you have to watch for yourself to really “get” and enjoy.