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Episode #33 - Revolution
Original Airdate - October 16th, 2004

The Titans Fourth of July festivities are cut short when Mad Mod crashes the party, declaring the American Revolution a hoax and reclaiming the city for Jolly Old England. If that wasn't enough, old Mod uses his high-tech cane to steal Robin's youth, making "King Moddie" young again, while Robin turns into a withered, dried-up old man.

Reviews by Amazing Spidey, Bird Boy
Media by Bird Boy
Titans Writers
Written by John Esposito
Directed by Michael Chang
Producer Glen Murakami
Producers Linda M. Steiner, David Slack
Music by Kristopher Carter
Casting and Voice Direction Andrea Romano
Animation Services by Dongwoo Animation Co., LTD.

Titans Voices
Greg Cipes as Beast Boy
Scott Menville as Robin
Khary Payton as Cyborg
Tara Strong as Raven
Hynden Walch as Starfire
Malcolm McDowell as Mad Mod

"Fourth of July Parade"
Written, Produced and Performed by Andy Strumer


Screen Grabs


Commentary Review

Bird Boy (BB): Hello, this is Bird Boy, a resident of the USA, and with me is...
Amazing Spidey (AS): Amazing Spidey, England's favorite son.
AS: Bird Boy and myself work on The World's Finest Teen Titans site together. I write the reviews, and Bird Boy creates the media, such as screen grabs and sound bytes
BB: The whole point behind this is because, since the episode involved both countries, and I had a momentary brain fart, I thought this would be a cool thing to do
BB: Now, as an American viewer I found the episode hilarious. What exactly was it that you didn't like, AS?
AS: I found that the jokes were ridden with clichés, the same types of jokes I hear all too often
BB: Are they clichés, or just what Brit's are known for? Or is Mad Mod himself a giant cliché/stereotype
AS: I'm aware they were poking fun at us, it wasn't distasteful, it simply wasn't very funny. It's been done before, and it's been done better.
AS: Mad Mod is a British stereotype, simple as that. The ginger sideburns and bad accent are common when British people are depicted in American television
BB: Been done better in British or American television?
AS: Both
AS: Austin Powers would be a great example. They make fun of Austin's British teeth, but it's done in an amusing way
BB: What were the main qualms with the episode though? In terms of the clichés? The only thing I really picked up on was the Cookie/Biscuit thing, the Beast Boy thing, Monty Python and Beatles...
AS: People seem to think Monty Python and The Beatles are the only good thing to come from Britain. Lest we forget the likes of The Stone Roses and The Office
BB: I know I have
BB: In fact, aside from very brief instances, I've heard of neither
BB: So, British stereotypes aside, how was the episode?
AS: It doesn't compare to other Teen Titans episodes
BB: I love the backgrounds on it--it felt sort of like the video game Viewtiful Joe. Though the constant British flag got on my nerves after awhile (mainly due to the fact I did nineteen pans and almost all of them had it in the background).
AS: I prefer the Robin episodes, but some of the more humor orientated episodes have been far better than this.
AS: The backgrounds weren't typical of England, they were a little too old fashioned, but it's not something which irritated me
BB: Yeah, Robin's episodes are good, but I'm getting tired of the Slade angle. Hopefully his future episodes either delve into his relationship with Starfire (FANSQUEEL: they hugged in this episode! But where was the Raven/Beast Boy love? Oh noez!)...
BB: but, enough about Robin, the main focus of this episode...well damn, there was no real focus. I guess it was about Titans/America's unity whereas Britain just comes in and kicks everyone’s butts? I don't really know. I don't think there was a message...
AS: I would like to see Slade concluded. Haunted left a lot of angles for further exploration, but I too would prefer to see something happen between Robin and Starfire
AS: I didn't see one.
AS: What jokes did you find funniest?
BB: I thought some of the British stuff was rather humorous, to be honest. Beast Boy's laughable accent--though that armpit farting Starfire did...
BB: and Gerbils! What a great idea...
AS: I actually found Beast Boy to be pretty funny in the episode, which is strange, as I can't stand Beast Boy. His accent was laughably bad, but it wAS supposed to be. One of the better jokes.
AS: The funniest joke was undoubtedly when he got hypnotized again
AS: great stuff
BB: I dunno, that was sort of redundant. As soon as that hit, I thought we were gonna relapse into the last Mad Mod appearance
AS: Then again, I loved Mad Mod
BB: Though the fact they only used it once was great
AS: I thought it was nice and quick. If he had kept doing it, then yeah, it's simply treading over old ground
BB: I was laughing uncontrollably at the Monty Python thing. What was that whole foot-squish fart thing about? I was quite in the fit of giggles on that one too
AS: I've never seen Monty Python. I've been told I can't legally declare myself a Brit until I do though...
AS: Damn you SJJ
BB: I think we should end the conversation here then
BB: You're the second person I've talked to that hasn't seen it
AS: I've been told I'm missing out
AS: Same with Star Wars
BB: You are. Go get the Holy Grail
BB: This episode did follow the last ones formula quite a lot though
BB: We got another music video section in it again.
AS: The chase sequence
BB: Yeah
BB: was interesting to see the team operate without Robin though
BB: Obviously Starfire didn't know what to do without him, since that was her only plan--to free him so he could formulate a plan.
AS: Different personalities, why they work so well together
AS: It also gave us some interesting alternatives. At one point, Starfire is leading the time. Never happened before
AS: All that was missing was her shouting TEEN TITANS GO!
BB: Does Robin even shout that in the cartoon?
BB: All I ever recall is "Titans GO!"
BB: or maybe my minds cloudy. I know it's said all the time in the comic adaptation though
AS: You're right
AS: I haven't heard him do it in a while ever
AS: I don't read the comic
BB: I think the last time I heard it was "Aftershock". Forget which episode
AS: Yeah, "Aftershock" was pretty forgettable
BB: I thought that was the one you were all excited over
AS: no
AS: I didn't really care about Terra
AS: I liked "Titan Rising"
BB: ah. All righty then...I guess I'm not alone in not liking that story so much then
BB: The major qualms I have with the fan community of this show is the massive love of Terra and anything relating to love triangles. The only tolerable one is Robin/Starfire...and that can be taken too far sometimes
BB: but I digress...
AS: Like "OMG, Raven smiled at Beast Boy. ROMANCE!"
BB: Pretty much, yeah...
BB: At least there was none of this in "Revolution". Aside from the hug from Starfire
BB: But that was expected
BB: I'm sure you'd barrel into your significant other if he/she was turned into an old person too
AS: Well yeah, she quite clearly adores Robin
BB: Does she love Robin for Robin or for his looks? Oh the questions abound...
BB: Would've been interesting if Robin wasn't turned back to normal
BB: to see the team operate without him for awhile
AS: not really
BB: Then again, the series has never really carried any sense of bridge between episodes, aside from Terra and Slade
AS: true
BB: We have yet to see Brother Blood again, though I'm sure we will
AS: networks aren't fond of season long storyline
BB: Actually I know we will, I read all the episode descriptions
AS: Not missing much
BB: Yeah
BB: Come to think of it, BTAS never had anything ever tie into each other either
AS: This season is supposed to be Cyborg's right?
AS: I don't think they were interested
BB: The first time we ever saw anything overlap was TNBA/STAS/BB/JL/JLU
AS: it wasn't until X-Men came along were anyone was
BB: I don't know if this is supposed to be Cyborg's season--it may very well be
BB: Well, any closing thoughts on the episode? That you didn't touch upon in your review anyway...
BB: I thought it was another fun romp--I enjoy these nonsense episodes more than the serious ones, most of the time.
BB: "Fractured" still reigns in as the weirdest episode of Titans yet, I think...
AS: Weird can be good
AS: I know it's a kids cartoon, but kid’s cartoons can be enjoyable
BB: Anything that Cartoon Network has done in the "children’s cartoon" range has always had the ability to be enjoyed by everyone, I think
BB: And with that, we'll let the readers (assuming anyone read down this far) go look at the media from this episode. Any closing comments?
AS: not really
BB: Insightful as always
BB: Later everyone!
AS: Bye Bye.
BB: [Remove Later] End
BB: well that was somewhat entertaining
AS: I want to end it differently
BB: tough [bleep]
AS: we should plug the site
AS: tongue in cheek like
BB: they're at the website already…
BB: What the hell, this things still running