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Continue below for a gallery of The Batman images and material provided by Warner Bros. Animation to assorted press outlets. Please note that while some images may look the same, there are subtle differences in each. Additionally, images below are presented as provided by Warner Bros. Animation and are in no specific order. Click on the thumbnail images for a closer look.


Additional Material
Warner Bros. Animation also provided a quiz to members of the press to promote The Batman. The material can be seen below:

The Batman Trivia Questions

1. What is Batman's real name?
Bruce Wayne

2. What kind of car does Batman drive?

3. What is the name of Batman's trusted friend and butler?

4. What is Ellen Yin's occupation?
She is a cop ("Detective" is also an acceptable answer)

5. Is Detective Ethan Bennett a friend or an enemy of Batman?
A friend

6. Who sends out the Bat signal when Batman is needed?
Commissioner Gordon

7. Where does the Bat signal appear?
In the sky

8. Why is Batman's true identity a mystery?
Because he wears a mask

9. What is the name of the villain who always laughs?

10. What is the name of the villain who always carries an umbrella?

11. Which villain also has the name of a plant?
Poison Ivy

12. What weapon does Mr. Freeze carry?
A freeze gun

13. What is the name of Dick Grayson's alter ego?

14. What is the technology that Batman invented called?
The Bat-Wave

15. Which villain was originally hired to assasinate Batman?

16. What is Batgirl's real name?

17. Who is Batgirl's father?
Commissioner Gordon

18. What is the relationship between Batgirl and Poison Ivy?
They used to be close friends

19. What does Harvey Dent/Two-Face always do before he makes a decision?
He flips a coin

20. What is the name of the Gotham sports team Bruce Wayne likes to watch?
The Gotham Gators

21. Is John Johns, the new detective in town, really a detective? If not, who, or what, is he?
A shape shifter who wants Batman to join the Justice League

22. What kind of belt does Batman wear?
A utility belt

23. Are Robin and Batgirl brother and sister?

24. What are the names of Batman and Robin's evil twins, a dynamic duo who fight to help criminals?
Wrath and Scorn

25. Which character from another DC Comics world must Batman stop when he comes to Gotham to try to recruit all the villains to kill Superman?
Lex Luthor

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