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The Batman
Voiced By
: Rino Romano
First Appearance: "The Bat in the Belfry"
Position: Gotham City's Protector; Billionaire Playboy

Bio (Official): Only in his third year, pre-"Bat Signal," The Batman currently operates as a vigilante. Under the cape and cowl can be found a younger Bruce Wayne in his 20s. The media is more likely to catch him courtside at a Gotham Gators game or strapping on a helmet to drive his own racecar for a charity than in front of City Hall cutting a ribbon. But don't confuse the swinging bachelor persona for the real Bruce – he's intense, driven and completely focused on his life's mission to serve as the Dark Knight. Aided by technology he's secretly developed – including the operating system known as the Bat-Wave – and driven by the childhood memory of the loss of his parents, Batman takes to the streets in order to bring Gotham's new breed of super villains to justice.

Bio (The Batman vs. Dracula): When Count Dracula was resurrected in Gotham Cemetery, The Batman had to deal with a supernatural villain he had never faced before. Sticking to his oath of never killing anyone, Bruce discovered an anti-dote to the afflictions that Dracula’s victims faced. Creating a proper mixture of an antidote, Bruce was able to cure all of the “Lost Ones” (aka Dracula’s minions).

While he could not defeat Dracula this same way, The Batman was able to use a generator that reproduced sunlight to torch Dracula inside the bat-cave.

Bio: Feeling a need to tell his friend Ethan Bennett about his identity, Bruce makes the attempt, but before he's able to, they're both called away on a lead that Joker is causing havoc downtown again. Unfortunately for Bruce, this is the last time he sees Ethan in human form--the next time he's seen, Ethan's been transformed into Clayface, a side-affect of Joker's deadly Joker Putty substance. Losing a friend and an ally,The Batman gives Detective Yin a commlink, telling her to use it whenever she needs him.


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