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Voiced By
: Joaquim de Almeida
First Appearance: "Traction"
Position: Mercenary

Bio (Official): Catwoman, a.k.a. Selina Kyle, is Gotham's greatest cat burglar. She gets her name not only because of her profession but also because of her cat-like qualities. Cunning, stealthy and mysterious, she is neither super hero nor arch villain. Unlike most of The Batman's foes, Catwoman is not out for mass destruction or domination of Gotham. She's in it for the money…and the thrill of the hunt. She has even been known to do the occasional good deed – when it's in her best interest. Despite The Batman's efforts to capture her, Catwoman seems to enjoy her encounters with the Dark Knight, proving to be a flirtatious rival.

Bio: When they were both after statues in museums, Catwoman teamed up with Penguin, hoping to fool him at the end of their "agreement" and take both of the statues. Once the statues were both captured, however, Penguin double-crossed Catwoman first, taking the statues and harnessing their power. Before leaving her however, he handcuffed her to Batman in un-breakable shielding and wiring. The pair went after Penguin, who started to use the statues powers to control and send out very powerful bursts of light that melted anything they touched.

Though Catwoman and Penguin escaped together to get away from The Batman, they were handcuffed by The Batman beforehand, keeping them together, with The Batman holding the only key.

Catwoman found a new enemy in Ragdoll, a multi-jointed contortionist able to bend himself in every possible shape he can think of. When they both tried to steal and fence the same items, a rivalry began to brew between them; but while Ragdoll got taken away to Arkham, Catwoman was able to elude The Batman and GCPD, once again.


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