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Voiced By: Peter Stormare
First Appearance: The Batman vs. Dracula
Position: Dead

Bio:A murderous creature who resided in Transylvania, Count Dracula was killed while sleeping in his coffin one night by the villagers in the town. Driving a stake through his heart, Dracula perished.

His body was shipped far away from Transylvania and buried in Gotham Cemetery. His corpse and heart shriveled up, but the ability for him to come back was always there, if someone gave him just a single drop of blood.

The blood that revived Dracula came from The Penguin. Accidentally cutting himself on his umbrella knife, Penguin dripped his blood onto Dracula’s shriveled corpse. The blood hit the heart and Dracula’s body immediately began to regenerate. After sucking the blood from a nearby cemetery guard, Dracula recruited Penguin to be his “tomb keeper” while he slept during the day. Penguin resisted at first, but after being put under Dracula’s mind control, he was forced to accept.

Dracula became infatuated with the man known as ‘The Batman.’ Thinking that his legacy had gone on long after his death, Dracula eventually confronted The Batman and asked him to join his side to take over Gotham City. The Batman refused and Dracula had nearly killed The Batman before the sun came up and started to burn Dracula’s skin.

Dracula also became obsessed with bringing his dead wife back from the dead. Using the body and life force from Gotham City star reporter Vicki Vale, Dracula nearly succeeded in bringing back his dead wife with her cremated remains. The Batman intervened after defeating Dracula’s minions, known as the “Lost Ones” and interrupted the process, bringing the life back into Vicki and allowing her to escape from Dracula’s clutches.

Dracula had a final showdown with The Batman, which eventually led them to the Batcave. After being nearly killed and Alfred knocked out, The Batman was able to turn on his prototype device that stored energy from the sun. Dracula was caught in the beam of light and his flesh and blood was burned. The Batman delivered a final blow to Dracula that sent his bones scattering around the Batcave, ending Dracula once and for all.


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