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Francis Grey
Voiced By: Dave Foley
First Appearance: "Seconds"
Position: Clock Repairman

Bio: In the 70s, Francis Grey was a clock repairman, a father and a loving husband. When the bills started piling up, he took a drastic step and stole a valuable watch from the shop he worked at. This theft created a string of events that unfolded before his eyes, leading to a four car pile up and a gas tanker explosion. Grey was sentenced to nearly two decades in prison for the theft and the resulting accidents.

After getting out on parole, Grey began to take his revenge against the city for imprisoning him and subsequently losing his wife and kid. While in jail, he learned that he had the ability to control time, to an extent. He could rewind any moment he was experiencing back by twenty seconds, allowing him to fix whatever goof ups he made during his heists. Grey's ultimate plan was to gas Gotham on New Years eve.

When Batman, Batgirl and Robin intervened they were unable to stop him at first until Batgirl returned in the last few minutes with Grey's grown up son, Matthew. While Grey watched all those around him die from the toxin he unleashed on the city, Grey cried over his sons body. Suddenly, Grey was able to reverse time all the way back to the point when he had stolen the watch.

Taking the lessons he learned to heart, Grey never stole the watch and instead prospered on and started a clock repair business with his son.


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