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The Flying Graysons
Voiced By
Evan Sabara as Dick Grayson
Kevin Conroy as John Grayson
Grey DeLisle as Mary Grayson
First Appearance: "A Family Matter"
Position: Dead (Mary & John); in the care of Bruce Wayne (Dick)

Bio: John, Mary and Dick Grayson comprised the circus act "The Flying Graysons." With breathtaking aerial stunts, John and Mary made a very worthwhile attraction at the circus, but their young son, Dick Grayson, was just as popular as they were. Though young, Dick was able to perform stunts that were just as daring, if not more so, than his parents.

When Tony Zucco, a Gotham mob boss, and his brothers tried to use their intimidation tactics to coerce the Grayson family to pay Zucco "protection money" from other mob bosses in the city, John Grayson would not stand for it. Dick had called the police minutes after Zucco first appeared in their big top tent and the call was intercepted by The Batman who quickly took down Zucco and his brothers, even managing to knock one of his brothers out, allowing the police to take him away.

Swearing revenge on The Batman and the Graysons for the loss of his brother, Zucco planned the death of the Graysons by removing two nuts from the railings of the Graysons trapeze act. While swinging back and forth, Mary Grayson noticed the loose bolts and looked at her husband who quickly knew what would happen. The trapeze fell apart before young Dick Grayson's part of the act started and Dick watched his mother and father fall to their death.

Dick Grayson was taken in as a foster son by Bruce Wayne, who saw shades of himself in Dick after his own parent's murder.


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