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Solomon Grundy Voiced By: Kevin Grevioux
First Appearance: "Grundy's Night"
Position: Unknown

Bio: The legendary swamp zombie who terrorized founders of Gotham one hundred and fifty years ago and promised to return one day to do the same to their descendents.

Bio: Solomon Grundy, a creature made out of the rage of villagers whose land was turned into a swampland for the industrial waste that was cropping up from the rapid expansion in Gotham’s early life, rose from the mud to take the things most precious from those that signed the papers that started the waste dumping process. It was said that a hundred years after he first rose, he would rise during a solar eclipse and take the riches of the families’ descendents that he stole from a century ago.

Fortunately for Gotham’s wealthy, the Solomon Grundy that showed up on Halloween night was really Clayface in disguise. After a tussle with The Batman, Clayface was encased in wax and taken back to Arkham.

Two kids hanging around the Gotham Swamp on Halloween Eve claim to have seen Grundy rise from the swamp after Clayface had been captured.

Batman and GL eventually stole Sinestro’s own ring and overpowered him, resulting in his defeat and a return to his status field.


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