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Poison Ivy
Voiced By: Piera Coppola
First Appearance: "Batgirl Begins, Part 1"
Position: Former Friend of Barbara Gordon; Villain

Bio (Official): Pamela Isley, is charming, clever and a quick-tempered schemer, known to go to extreme measures to get her environmental messages heard. After a tragic accident transforms her into the evil half-human/half-plant that she names Poison Ivy, she is able to control anyone who gets a whiff of her plant pheromone 'spores.'

Biography: Pamela Isely is still a high school student and obsessed with plants. Anything or anyone that harms Mother Nature is an enemy to Pamela.

In order to carry out her plans against the industries that are harming plants in Gotham City, Isely hires temblor to do her dirty work (since Isely running around with her friend, Barbara Gordon, would certainly turn too many heads). After temblor’s payment for his jobs doesn’t come through and he learns his “boss” is really a teenage girl using a voice scrambler, he attempts to get rid of the annoyance in his life.

During the fight, The Batman shows up to detain temblor, but before he can completely save her, Isley is exposed to a powerful dosage of plant growth accelerator (“Chloro-mulch”) and her transformation to Poison Ivy begins.

For her first act, Ivy captures Commissioner Gordon and attempts to take his life; before she can, The Batman shows up. She quickly puts him under her control with a mind-controlling dust. Batgirl shows up to help free Gordon but finds herself overpowered by The Batman and Poison Ivy; despite this, Batgirl's able to snap The Batman out of the mind control and together they take down Ivy.


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