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Voiced By: Evan Sabara
First Appearance: "A Family Matter"
Position: Partner to The Batman

Bio: An energetic and gifted acrobat, Dick Grayson was one of the main attractions of Hayley's Circus, along with his Mother (Mary) and Father (John) as part of the amazing Flying Grayson's act. His life was changed forever when Boss Zucco and his brothers tried blackmailing his father into taking a protection policy. When John Grayson refused, he was attacked. Young Dick managed to call the police and the call was intercepted by The Batman, who made quick work of Boss Zucco and managed to capture one of his brothers.

Feeling that his vendetta against the Graysons was now personal, he altered the rigs on The Flying Graysons trapeze act, causing John and Mary to fall to their deaths right in front of Dick. Young Grayson, with no surviving family members was taken in by Bruce Wayne, who saw shades of himself in Dick after his own parent's murder.

While sleeping in an armchair, Dick awoke to see Alfred coming out of a grandfather clock against the wall. Dick was taken aback at first, but after Alfred left the room, he went to investigate the clock himself. Pulling on a lever, the clock slid upwards and Dick go into an elevator that took him down into the Batcave. Before he could find a safe hiding place, the Batmobile came roaring into the cave and then and there Dick found out that his new foster father was really The Batman.

After discovering his identity, Dick said that he wanted Zucco to pay for what he had done. Batman went to look for Zucco after trailing a few leads and was then captured by Zucco in a trap. Dick sprang to his rescue. After the two of them defeated Zucco, Batman told Dick that Bruce Wayne might not be the best person to raise him, to which Dick questioned whether or not The Batman would be better.

From that point on, Dick Grayson, when out with Batman, would be known as “Robin”; Dick chose this name as this is what his mother had called him.


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