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The Ventriloquist, Scarface
Voiced By: Dan Castellaneta
First Appearance: "The Big Dummy"
Position: Arkham Asylum

Bio: When ventriloquist Arnold Wesker and his friend "Scarface" were booed off-stage one night, Wesker returned with Scarface later that night to rob the entire audience. Turning to a life of crime ever since, everyone knew that without Arnold Wesker there was no Scarface...the only problem was, Arnold didn't know that. Believing that Scarface was the true "puppet master", Arnold did whatever Scarface "told" him to do; this ranged from jewel heists to big-time robberies.

Scarface was upgraded with a giant, metal version of himself, in which Wesker was the "Dummy." Scarface "died" when a train hit him and shattered him into shards of metal. Wesker was locked up in Arkham shortly after.

After being "cured" of his affliction by Professor Hugo Strange, Arnold Wesker was able to resume his life in the real world. Before Scarface warped his mind, Wesker was a famous voice actor for a childrens TV show. Once the show ended, Wesker did shows with a new set of puppets, but was unsuccessful. One of these puppets was Scarface and together they became a formidable villain for The Batman. Despite being successful in his new life, Professor Hugo Strange wished to "test" his criminal therapy and gave the Scarface puppet back to Wesker, causing him to fold and resume being Wesker and Scarface.

Wesker was eventually separated from Scarface a third time when he and another one of Wesker's puppets, Mr. Snoots, were ran over by the train on Wesker's old TV show. Wesker was taken back to Arkham.


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