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Sinestro Voiced By: Miguel Ferrer
First Appearance: Ring Toss
Position: Villain

Bio: Arch nemesis and former mentor to The Green Lantern, Sinestro was kicked out of The Green Lantern Corps for abusing his power. Vowing revenge, he was eventually defeated by his former student.

He later escaped and returned to Earth to kill Hal and claim The Lantern’s ring as his own. Realising he had little chance of defeating Sinestro on his lonesome, Hal ordered the ring to find Batman.

Sinestro searched the city to find the ring, only to discover that it’s new host was the foolish oaf The Penguin, who had little idea how to operate the most powerful weapon in the universe. Deducing that the ring was placing him in great danger, The Penguin surrendered it to Batman, who donned the same and fought Sinestro, before he in turn handed it back to Hal.

Batman and GL eventually stole Sinestro’s own ring and overpowered him, resulting in his defeat and a return to his status field.


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