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Episode #31 - RPM
Original Airdate - November 5th, 2005

The Batman and Batgirl face off with Gearhead, a high speed thrill-seeker with the ability to manipulate and control machines.

Reviews by The Penguin
Media by Bird Boy
Written by Christopher Yost
Directed by Christopher Berkely
Music by Thomas Chase Jones
Animation by Dongwoo Animation Co., LTD.

Rino Romano as The Batman
Alastair Duncan as Alfred
Danielle Judovits as Batgirl / Barbara Gordon
Mitch Pileggi as Commissioner Gordon
Will Friedle as Gearhead
Fred Willard as Announcer/Instructor


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"I don't think Gearhead's in it for the money, Alfred. He likes the chase. We're dealing with a thrill-seeker."

Gearhead made for an interesting and unique opponent for The Batman. His nano-technology abilities allowed him pull off crimes in a more interesting way and a criminal who can turn any vehicle into his getaway car has a distinct advantage. "Batman Beyond" himself, Will Friedle, brings Gearhead to life without making us think that Terry McGinnis is behind the green and cyber red eyes of the adrenaline junkie.

If you want to talk possible team-ups, Gearhead would be a perfect match for Firefly. They have similar tendencies as far as The Batman chasing them around town and between the two of them they'd have land and air covered. The dynamic of Friedle and Firefly VA Jason Marsden being real-life best friends could make the team-up even better. Come to think of it, if you look at Firefly and Gearhead the two could even be brothers.

Barb's driving lessons and then Batgirl's "borrowing" of the Bat-cycle fit the Dark Knight's junior partner into the vehicle-driven story nicely. Her driving test is one that weathered instructor will not soon forget! She did handle the Bat-cycle pretty well though so Miss Gordon must be a natural.

"She's a keeper"

The new Batmobile is a definite winner in my book. The original was great and all, but the new one is bigger, darker, sleeker and Batman-ier. It was cool having the look inside the building of the machine and I liked the idea that Bruce had prototypes before he arrived at the Batmobile we've seen up to this point and seeing him pay a visit to his company for parts was a nice touch. The Batman is consistent in its respect for previous incarnations and will not hesitate to throw in a homage that long-time fans will get and will pass others by. Alfred's comment to the new Batmobile, "Do come back in one piece won't you" was reminiscent of a line spoke by another butler.


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