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Episode #32 - Cash for Toys
Original Airdate - February 4th, 2006

Toymaker Cosmo Krank seeks revenge against Bruce Wayne after the billionaire successfully leads a campaign to remove his unsafe toys from store shelves. Despite Bruce's objections, he is put under the protection of the overly macho Detective Cash Tankenson. Bruce must figure out a way to give the overzealous detective the slip and become The Batman in order to stop Krank and his deadly toys.

Reviews by The Penguin
Media by Bird Boy
Written by Steven Melching
Directed by Anthony Chun
Music by Thomas Chase Jones
Animation by D.R. Movie Co., LTD.

Rino Romano as The Batman
Alastair Duncan as Alfred
Mitch Pileggi as Commissioner Gordon
Patrick Warburton as Cash Tankenson
Patton Oswalt as Cosmo Krank


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"Cash Tankenson: the last line of defense you'll ever need."

When this episode first began I was concerned about the ride we were in for. Cosmo Krank seemed like a very gimmicky villain tailor-made for a kids' cartoon, but significantly less than appealing to anyone older than 10. And he was.

The thing that saved this episode was the fact that the villain was after Bruce Wayne rather than The Batman and the return of Detective Cash Tankenson. Patrick Warburton is money whether he's on the screen or if you're just listening to his voice. He really brings Cash to life as the macho, arrogant, semi-inept flatfoot that he is. We may not have Ellen Yin anymore, but the return of her second partner is definitely welcome. His interaction with Alfred (and Bruce) was hilarious. "Hey Freddie, how about some more of those nachos?"

Comedian Patton Oswalt was decent as Krank. He did what he needed to do and worked as the crazed toymaker. I wasn't feeling the character, but Oswalt made a good choice for the blue-haired nut job. Krank and his dangerous toys did afford us the opportunity to see Bruce Wayne continue the legacy of his family thinking of others first and doing their part to protect them (in this case, children) from danger. As The Batman, he can't stop a flammable toy, but as Bruce he can call attention to it and start a campaign to get those things off toy store shelves. Other Wayne-targeting villains have been after him because of who he is or the company he runs, but Cosmo Krank was after him because of something Bruce Wayne did.


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