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Episode #42 - Clayfaces
Original Airdate - October 7th, 2006

Shape-shifting villain Clayface turns himself in, promising to give up his criminal ways and hoping to earn a second chance for his alter ego, Ethan Bennett. But when a new Clayface takes to the streets of Gotham, Ethan wants to prove his worth as a hero by helping take down this threat. Having been burned in the past by a seemingly reformed Ethan, Batman isn’t sure his friend can still be trusted.

Reviews by The Penguin
Media by Bird Boy, Rick
Written by Steven Melching
Directed by Matt Youngberg
Music by Thomas Chase Jones
Animation by Dongwoo Animation Co., LTD.

Rino Romano as The Batman/Bruce Wayne
Evan Sabara as Robin/Dick Grayson
Alastair Duncan as Alfred*
Kevin Michael Richardson as Joker
Steve Harris as Ethan Bennett/Clayface
Wallace Langham as Karl/Clayface II
Julianne Grossman as Lady/Reporter
Jane Singer as Director/Waitress

* - Credited but did not appear.


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"You wouldn't know a good actor if you tripped over one. One day everyone in Gotham will know this face."

When you look at, this episode had a ton going on; we had development of the Batman and Robin/Bruce and Dick relationship, another (and perhaps final) chapter in the Ethan Bennett-Clayface story and the introduction of a new villain. All of these elements put together made for a very strong half hour.

Bruce and Dick were a lot better without Batgirl hovering around them. I liked their quiet moments around Wayne Manor and in the Batcave. Bruce doesn't have a lot of people he can talk with openly about his life and telling Dick about his relationship with Ethan/Clayface was a sign of a familiar, family relationship that is in its early stages. Dick's interest in Karlo's bad movie was a typical reaction from a teenager although Bruce seemed less than impressed. Bruce Wayne is slowly becoming the father figure to Dick that Alfred was to him.

Ethan taking the form of Punch and Jude to take down The Joker was a nice way to bring the story full-circle as Clayface makes his return to Gotham after taking the form of Solomon Grundy in season two. The former detective put his best foot forward in his attempt to reform and we got a closer look at the Ethan-Bruce relationship to boot. By the end, Ethan Bennett looks to on the right track; hopefully he can get his life back.

"...And this Clayface sequel is bigger and badder than the original."

Frequent CSI visitor Wallace Langham turned in a great performance as terrible actor Basil Karlo. The constant suggestions of acting classes by various characters to the ham Karlo was a fun continuing joke. As a little easter egg, the factory The Joker was at in the opening was the same company the commercial was for, Waggie-Time Dog Food.

Karlo seems to be a more powerful version of Clayface after drinking the (clearly labeled) mutagenic agent rather than being exposed to it. Clayface II appeared to be stronger than the original and Karlo doesn't have that pesky conscience that Bennett had. The confrontation between the two molecularly malleable malcontents as Batman and Robin was well-played. Their intertwined battle at the end and the use of the antidote made for an epic climax.

It appears that Ethan Bennett is now fully on the road to recovery. Basil Karlo however, seems to still have the power to option a sequel.


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