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Episode #48 - Seconds
Original Airdate - February 10th, 2007

After a seemingly ordinary criminal continues to get the better of Batman and his partners it is discovered that he has the ability to travel back in time by several seconds. Batman is now faced with the seemingly impossible task of stopping a foe that knows his every move before even Batman himself does.

Review by Stu
Media by Bird Boy, Rick
Written By Steven Melching
Directed By Matt Youngberg
Music by Thomas Chase Jones
Animation by Dongwoo Animation Co., LTD.

Rino Romano as The Batman / Bruce Wayne
Alastair Duncn as Alfred
Evan Sabara as Robin/Dick Grayson
Danielle Judovits as Batgirl/Barbara Gordon
Dave Foley as Francis
Townsend Coleman as Campus Guard


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This episode is simply put, really, really weird. Certainly not in an enjoyable way, the episode continues the strong run from this season but it’s a little odd to see everything told from the villains point of view, especially as it’s not a traditional, straight up super villain story.

The crew clearly went out of their way to show that the villain here wasn’t a straight up baddy. Most of the rouges in this show are grotesque visuals with their over the top costumes and features but here, the villain is a fat old man who had a severe case of bad luck a few years back and flukes himself into some superpowers, specifically, the ability to rewind time by a few seconds.

Whilst it’s not as strong as "Two Of A Kind" or "Riddler’s Revenge", it’s still a very good episode which is much more than can be said for most of the original villains previously used in the show. There are some great twists in here, especially the one at the end that I won’t spoil for you. If you’ve not seen the episode, I strongly suggest you stop reading the review, I don’t think this episode will be anywhere near as entertaining if you know what happens. Grey even gets in a few great lines, most of which come from his own admission that his puns are really, really lame. (Perhaps a stick at some of the show’s previous lame attempts at humor with the silly quips our Dark Knight used to spout out?)

Speaking of quips, this version of Robin is still bloody brilliant. Whilst he’s a lot better in the next episode (the school scenes are hilarious) it’s great to see more of The Boy Wonder. I can only imagine how much better the last season probably would’ve been if we’d have him Robin instead of Batgirl. It’s amazing just how cool this version of Robin is, and just how loathsome Batgirl is. Whilst Robin gets great lines, every time Batgirl opens her mouth you feel like slapping her or rolling your eyes. One also questions whether or not Batman needs two sidekicks now, but networks rule the show and the network wants Batgirl.

So, this episode provides some good laughs, a great twist and a heart-warming ending. Not as good as some of the previous episodes this season, but a definite step up from the likes of season three.


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